When you first consider changing your family configuration, whether it be divorce or legitimation or a custody action, whether you've thought about it on your own or your spouse has raised the idea, your brain fills with an extraordinary amount of questions and emotions.

The purpose of this podcast is to answer as many of the questions running through your head as possible in hopes that we will alleviate some of the unknows you're wondering about.

You might not want people to see you listening to a podcast called “Untying the Knots” and we totally get that. For that reason, we are releasing this same podcast under a different title called The Knot Family Mystery. You can subscribe to and listen to that podcast and anyone who happens to see it on your phone will think that you’re a true crime lover and won’t know you’re listening to a podcast about divorce and family changes.

Our hope is that you use this podcast like a search engine by scanning through our show notes or on the podcast tab of our website to see a list of every question that we answer and exactly what episode and time you’ll find us answering your question. Our plan is to update this podcast several times a year, answering new questions (or adding to our answers from old questions) to create the ultimate podcast resource about changing families.

Between the two of us we have 45 years of legal experience and we've been involved in over 1,000 family law cases, including our own. We’ve handled same sex marriages, we’ve had clients who have been married and divorced to each other multiple times, we’ve helped people who’ve been married for two weeks and people who have been married for 30 years.

We practice law in Georgia and every state is different so we want to give you general information, not specific legal advice.

Welcome to Untying the Knots!


Disclaimer: The content on Untying the Knots does not constitute legal advice or the practice of law by Kristen Files, Dawn Smith or Smith & Files, LLC. Listening to the podcast does not form an attorney/client relationship between you and the podcasters. All listeners should consult with a qualified legal professional regarding their individual questions, needs, or issues that may be of concern. We are not responsible for any action taken by a reader based upon any information on this site. All of the content on the podcast is for general informational and educational purposes only. Dawn Smith and Kristen Files are licensed to practice law in Georgia.