Aug. 19, 2020

Anti-Racism and the Trauma of White Supremacy

Anti-Racism and the Trauma of White Supremacy
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How does systemic racism affect personal trauma, the health of a family, and the role of parenthood? And what does it take to be actively anti-racist? In this episode of Untying the Knots, Kristen and Dawn explore their own relationship as a Black millennial woman and a white middle-aged woman, answering tough questions with both honesty and compassion. Kristen shares what it was like to spend her life operating within white spaces, and Dawn explains the ways white privilege has benefited her own life and career. Kristen and Dawn share resources on how to begin the journey in active anti-racism, and explain why guilt and empathy alone are not enough. Listen to this episode to hear why Kristen depicts white supremacy as a constant hum.