July 29, 2020

Co-Parenting 101

Co-Parenting 101
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Is amicable co-parenting possible? How can two parents in family conflict get on the same page about their kids? In this episode of Untying the Knots, Dawn and Kristen dive into the best practices of holistic co-parenting, shedding light on their own struggles as co-parents themselves. They discuss what co-parenting can be when consistency and compromise are at the forefront, and how important it is to give your children permission to love their other parent--even in front of you. They speak with clinical psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral therapist, Dr. Kristen Carothers, about the importance of addressing your own trauma before working on your children’s and how validation is essential to healing. Listen to this episode to hear why fighting your instincts can work to your family’s advantage in the long term. For more information, please visit smithfileslaw.com.