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Great information

Thank you for this resource! Great information and takeaways

Fantastic Podcast

As a family law attorney, Attorney Files and Attorney Smith have crafted a podcast that I’ve now recommended to 3 clients! The attorneys are knowledgeable, caring, and polished in their delivery on what is such tough issue for so many. Great work!!!!

Navigating parenthood without judgement

Stumbled across this gem of a podcast at just the right time in my life. It is so wonderful to hear two strong positive women talk about life as a parent navigating divorce successfully, through mistakes and all. You don’t have to be divorced, contemplating divorce or have come from a family of divorce to find value, laughter and strength from this podcast. Well done!

Excellent Advice and well thought out content!

While I am not considering a divorce, I find this content helps me gain perspective in my own marriage and dealings with our children. I recommend to all types of audiences!

Spot on!

As a divorced person, a child of divorce, and a divorce lawyer, this podcast is exactly what I need! They have it all: good sound quality, great rapport between the hosts, lots of expertise, and a big dose of empathy. A+

Two great voices to share important information and insight

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the episodes which almost feel like mini therapy sessions! I am a listener who wouldn’t need family law legal services at this time but the content being shared is relevant to everyone as Dawn says “we all come from families.” I’m looking forward to following and hearing more! Kudos to Smith & Files!

Already love it!

Kristen and Dawn,I love how you already are sharing your love, your great energy, your enthusiasm, your honesty, and inviting all of us in to something that you shared together that is so beautiful. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast and where you go with it,Including your guests. You too have so much to share – – so I am so glad you’re doing this!