Aug. 3, 2022


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Will my kids be asked to testify in our divorce? - 1:40

What is a guardian ad litem? - 6:25

How should I interact with my child’s guardian ad litem? - 10:29

Is it legal to travel with a child during a divorce? - 14:36

Can my kids and I stay on my ex's health insurance plan? - 16:21


If you would like to listen to this podcast but do not want to have a podcast about this topic on your device, search KNOT FAMILY MYSTERY and you will find a podcast in the true crime category with artwork similar to this show. After about 30 seconds, the true crime intro to that show fades away and this exact podcast will play. Anyone who happens to see your device will not have any idea what the subject matter of KNOT FAMILY MYSTERY is.


We provide clients with rational, efficient, and effective guidance to resolve their legal disputes.

We frequently meditate and reach agreement for our clients on any number of issues, including child custody, temporary and permanent support, post-divorce custody and support modifications and marital property division. We believe that people are more likely to abide by an agreement if they have a role in creating it. However, if litigation is necessary to protect your interests, our attorneys have over 40 years of combined courtroom experience and we are well prepared to stand up for you.

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