Sept. 2, 2020

What Can A Blended Family Sound Like?

What Can A Blended Family Sound Like?
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What does a happy blended family sound like? And how can family holidays and gatherings stay special when they no longer resemble the occasions of years past? In this episode of Untying the Knots, Kristen and Dawn bring on two very special guests to demonstrate that a complex, divorced family can be healthy and happy--their exes! Dawn, Kristen, Wendel, and Frank relive some of the painful and cringe-worthy memories from untangling their own knots, offering listeners a glimpse into how they ultimately healed through the trauma of divorce and created new normals for their family. And while both pairs co-parent lovingly today, this is only after over a decade of hard work, hard work that Dawn considers one of the greatest accomplishments of her life. Listen to this episode to hear why Dawn and Kristen believe that family finds a way. And if you’re not there in your journey yet, hold out the hope as this conversation proves how the impossible can one day become reality.